NEU briefs on state of the art PET/CT scanning system

The PET/CT state of the art scanning system is available only in rare centres across the world and patients from the region and south Cyprus have been coming to the Near East University Hospital to use it.

The statement explains that the PET/CT machine is the latest and most advanced technique used in diagnosing and guiding the treatment of certain medical conditions, especially cancer and coronary artery diseases.

According to the press release from the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of NEU, the combined PET/CT scans, which are available only in the Near East University Hospital in Cyprus, provide images that pinpoint the location of abnormal metabolic activity caused by the disease and provides opportunity to detect the early onset of disease before any anatomic change is evident.

The PET/CT imaging system is not limited only to oncology. PET/CT also plays a key role in determining the epileptic focus in neurological cases such as Alzheimer’s disease and in detecting the presence of live tissue in the cardiac muscle after a heart attack.


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