My wonderful vet Niyazi

As you probably know by now, I have several dogs. Four to be exact. That means it comes to finding a vet you trust and have good cooperation with. When I lived in Lapta, I had one but when I moved here to Esentepe area the closest one was in Catalköy. The clinic is called Pet Line and it’s Veterinarian Niyazis Celebis owns the business. He has been a veterinarian since 2004 and opened his clinic in 2011 He has specialized in the subject of nutrition and foods.

When we found little Lara, then barely a month old, it was to him I took her. He examined her and started vaccinations and deworming. He seemed calm and knowledgeable (in addition, he is  very pleasant to rest your eyes upon).

But it was when Lara was poisoned I really understood what a gem I had found. He not only saved her life, but was also thinking about her future liver, kidney and brain damages. She got vitamins and minerals intravenously and in spray form to reduce the risk of injury. I was impressed by his foresight and she is now a year old and in very good shape. He recently sterilized her, which went very well and she was her bustling self within 3 days. Amazing considering that it is a major procedure on females.

He also put the chip in all my dogs so that they are both traceable and legal.

He takes care of all sorts of farm animals and pets. Sometimes it’s a jumble of dogs, cats and birds.

The oddest animals he dealt with was a falcon that was hit. After care and supervision it became well and was released into the wild again.

He is currently renewing his clinic and it looks really neat. He gave me a picture he took in the black snakes courtship, which is absolutely stunning (Coluber jugularis). I share this picture with you. These large but non-poisonous snakes should we treat with care, they eat the poisonous snakes and even rats. If you see a black snake, actually they are black / brown / olivecolored, but locally they are known as black snakes, If you have kids, you must be a little careful and keep your distance when they defend their young and the worst tiger female. Otherwise, they will take care of themselves and leave us people alone. They are very beautiful, I think. You can put out water when it’s hot, a piece from the house to them, and all other wildlife.

Niyazi is a modern, well-trained, vet that you can ask for advice regarding our beloved pets, without feeling silly for not knowing everything. He has three dogs of his own
of which
Winnie (after Winnie the Pooh), a Golden Retriever who is with the clinic and have the job to get worried puppies to calm themselves through play and cuddle. A very go dog who is incredibly patient and kind even when Lara’s play and the attention became a bit wild.

He also runs a dog hotel and have a dog salon.
If an emergency occurs, you can always call on his mobile and English works well.

The address is Pet Line, Sogut sok. no 2, Besparmak Cad. Kyrenia.
Phone 824 55 63, emergency 0533 870 02 22.

Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. 9:00 to 6:00 pm, Wednesday 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 to 2:00 pm

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