My first impressions

Filippa Dahlkild in North Cyprus

My name is Filippa Dahlkild and I have just began my three-month internship at Sunny Cyprus Homes and New Cyprus Magazine.

How did a 23-year old media and communication student from Jönköping, Sweden, end up in North Cyprus, you may ask yourself. Well, that is what I am about to tell you now.

The first time I came here was this summer, along with my parents. They were going to look at properties and I came along to get a free holiday.

I did not know much about North Cyprus before I went, so I was surprised when my parents told me that was where they would go. I love to travel, and I love to go to new places where I have never been before, so I thought it was interesting and wanted to go with them.

During the week in North Cyprus we did a variety of things, such as visiting the stunning monastery in Bellapais, exclusive Cratos Hotel, the cozy harbour town of Kyrenia, the golf club Korineum, the cozy orange festival in Güzelyurt, Karpaz – the National Park, and a lot of nice restaurants. And we looked at apartments and houses, of course, that was the main reason why my parents were here.

My first impression of North Cyprus was that it is an expanding and developing place, since they are building and changing everywhere, for the better. But even though there are a lot of things going on, North Cyprus still has a tranquility that is hard to find in most countries. I have heard people say that it is a place where East meets West, and I think it is a good description because it is, and feels, like a mix of Turkish and Greek culture and lifestyle.

When I was here last summer, I was looking for an internship, and since I liked Cyprus and the company I asked if they, by any chance, could offer me one. They promised to look into it and then we kept in contact during the fall as they wrote a placement plan for me. So after the week in Cyprus my parents ended up buying an apartment and I got an internship. A good week I would say!

And now I’m back in Cyprus to do my internship. I’m studying media and communication studies at the University of Gothenburg and will therefore primarily focus on the company’s communication, but I also partake in the daily tasks at the company.

I will write about my time as an intern at Sunny Cyprus Homes here in New Cyprus Magazine, so that you can read about what I am up to.

Best regards,

Filippa Dahlkild

Bellapais monastery

Entrance to Cratos Hotel

Cratos Hotel Pool

Kyrenia Harbour

Korineum golf course

Güzelyurt orange festival

Karpaz Donkey




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Filippa studies media and communication at Gothenburg University and will do her internship with New Cyprus Magazine. She hopes that the internship will increase her communicative skills and give her an insight of the business. She has a passion for seeing the world and meeting new people, and has studied in both Australia and the United States.