Muslims around the globe prepare for 4-day holiday

Turkish Cypriots are joining Muslims around the world in preparing for the second of 2015’s two key religious holidays.

The four-day Kurban Bayram – the Feast of Sacrifice – starts on Thursday and will see the faithful kill a sheep or other sacrificial animal. The meat is traditionally divided into three; one third of it shared within the family, the second given to friends and the third to the poor and needy.

Several charities, including the Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips), the Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and the Fight Against Cancer and the SOS Children’s Village, have also used the occasion to appeal for donations.

In the TRNC, state and municipality offices and banks will be closed from Thursday, reopening on Monday, September 28.

However casinos have announced that their traditional star-studded holiday entertainment has been cancelled out of respect for soldiers killed in the recent wave of terror attacks in Turkey.

Emergency services will operate as normal over the holiday.

Source: Cyprus Today

A panorama in 12 folds showing Muslims returning from their Mosques after Eid prayers in the Mughal Empire in 1843.
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