Motor Cross; a favorite of Northern Cyprus’s young men

Every Sunday morning the Motor Cross riders come in large numbers roaring down the gravel road. I arm myself with a cup of coffee and a pair of binoculars then I have a few hours of free entertainment. They are mostly amateurs but some have clearly very high standard.

They go on excursions, organized competitions and can sit and talk bike for hours. It’s fun to see the enthusiasm and excitement of the riders.

It’s not a cheap hobby when everything is much more expensive here due embargo. But the guys make do and invest a lot of time and money into their machinery and equipment.

The races end up being a celebration where friends and family partake with barbeques, creating a fun and social event.

Unfortunately, there are not so many places left to practice, but the municipalities tend to lease areas where they can race and they are always involved in races where both the ambulance and the police are in place.

In “my” valley there is no to interfere, apart from us, but we have nothing against it, quite the opposite in fact, my husband is one of them…

There is a permanent motor cross track in Güzelyurt and as the number of motocross rider’s increase we can expect to have bigger and better events coming up.

Here are some pictures from the last contest co-organized with Lapta Festival, where the winners received trophies for their achievements.

motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_ motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_1

motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_2 motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_3 motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_4

motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_6 motorcross_tavling_killar_norra_cypern_north_cyprus_7

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