Miss Samara Beauty Salon

At Samara, you can get a full range of hair and beauty treatments and products from the best brands in the industry, for one third of the price you would pay in Britain and Scandinavia.

They also offer manicures and pedicures, waxing, facials, etc.

Wash, cut and blow dry/styling long hair only costs 70 TL.

Not all hairdressers speak English but that is not a problem as they have a very nice Turkish Cypriot woman, who lived in England for many years, who is there allt the time to translate between the customer and the hairdresser.

For a special occasion or just to renew your appearance, make an appointment at telephone number: 03928157286

You will find the salon here: Iskenderun Cad., Nergis Apt No 2, Girne.

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