Interview with Mikael Kristensson – CEO of Nohara Estates

New Cyprus Magazine got the opportunity to have an interview with Mikael Kristensson, the CEO of Nohara Estates, a leading real estate firm internationally with its headquarters in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt daily life for people and businesses. Nohara Estates International is closely monitoring the developments and adhering to government guidelines to keep our employees and customers and the surrounding communities safe. We also recognize with sincere gratitude the enormous efforts made by healthcare workers and frontline staff to care for people affected and to prevent further spread.

We understand that our industry is directly affected by the temporary shutdown of activity around the globe. Many of you are dealing with tough decisions when caring for your employees and customers while navigating your businesses through unchartered waters.

Mikael Kristensson meeting

We are fully committed to helping you and your customers come out much stronger. We also want to highlight the important role that the property communities play for a healthier and stronger society.

Mikael Kristensson is ensuring a high level of service

All critical business functions at Nohara Estates International are fully operational, and we continue to offer a high level of service across all of our markets; within a new environment where travel property shows are significantly reduced.

Our contingency plans have been activated to ensure that our offices and customer supporting functions can operate as normally as possible. This includes organizing our staff into smaller working teams to avoid potential disruption as well as close collaboration with all our suppliers and logistics partners in addition to strict adherence to health guidelines provided by WHO.

Work together to come out stronger

Our sales and customer support teams are fully committed to one simple question in our conversations with you: “How can we help?”

– Jointly review your most urgent business needs and ensure that deliveries are planned and delivered on time with consideration to the current environment.
– Sharing of best practices across markets to learn how you can best protect and serve employees, customers and audiences as well as your business even in times of disruption. In challenging times, creativity and collaboration become even more valuable.
– If we are not able to meet you in person, we are on hand to digitally present our product information regarding our luxury homes, and to provide an alternative to postponed trade/property shows.
– We still want to help fulfil your business needs, either short term, or in anticipation of full business activities resuming.
– We also encourage strategic discussions on how you can best develop your business in the long run. We believe that the need for, and the interest in luxury living, will only increase as luxury homes are becoming ever more essential. Let’s engage in positive and insightful conversations about how our industry can become even more important in the future given the current events.

Mikael in an interview

What we can see right now is a larger and more significant rise in the number of people searching for homes which are further away from town/city centers, and which have interior office space, together with a garden area. This may not be a permanent change, but coronavirus is certainly making many people think about how and where they work and live.

More recently, as all capital cities have needed more living areas, buildings such as office blocks have been renovated back into apartments and flats.

Overall, the property market has two things going for it even in these rapidly changing times.
The first is that even if the price of property falls, it may still be a wise investment. This may sound adverse, but property is a long-term investment, and not many others are both secure and pay a good return.
So if government bonds are paying 0.5% interest a year, or even less, and property is making 3-5%, you still have a good source of income if you are a private investor or global investment fund.

Mikael Kristensson walking

We encourage you to fully care for your customers , they will help take care of your business. Stay closely connected to your people and offer support wherever you can. Find ways to help them still be active and physically strong, be it digitally or in their homes. This will help them stay healthy and engaged until they can return to normal life. Embrace working together with industry colleagues to take on the challenges together. We are working to do the same.

Demonstrate our purpose

Let´s remember why we do what we do. At Nohara Estates International we work to help our customers obtain a much better lifestyle.

We share this purpose with so many of you and feel more committed than before to bringing this message and opportunity to more people. Being strong and healthy, as individuals and as communities, is vital for coping with any type of health concerns.

Mikael Kristensson in the Mediterranean

We also recognize the important social contribution that our industry makes to people around the world. Strive to be supportive, kind and compassionate even in challenging times. With a focus on details and our customers, we provide a better service with luxurious surroundings.” We are still sending customers around the world by private jet so they can find their dream home

Lastly, remember to also care for yourself so you can take care of others. The best course of action in everyday life is to maintain good personal hygiene, washing your hands regularly and in general work to stay fit, strong and healthy to maintain a strong immune system. That includes physical exercise, sleep and good nutrition.Mikael Kristensson is relaxing

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