Midsummer Party in Karmi

The road is long and winding from main road between Alsancak and Kyrenia up to Karmi, which is located high in the mountains. The annual midsummer party is held at Karmi Church Square on Saturday 21st June.

Around forty people gathered for the event, most of them British, with some Germans and we also meet Swedish there, which have lived in Cyprus since 1989. Metin who is Cypriot but has lived 25 years in England.

We also met Chris, who is American “but I’m not from America, really, I’m from New York,” he says on the spot in a New York accent.

Karmis, the mayor is of course also in there.

When night falls, people start to hit the dance floor, which is actually an alley behind the church, and the young and old dance to the music. The party ends with a lottery where money is donated to charity.

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