Machine that helps our skin

Girne State Hospital was presented with a digital dermatoscope on Tuesday by North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust. The 34,000 TL MoleMax machine uses polarized light and computerized magnification light to inspect the skin lesions for malignancy, and discerns immediately troubmachine lesome moles and diagnose skin cancers, such as malignant melanoma.

Charity Manager Angela Hasman says: Every penny that our volunteer team collects goes towards the costs of cancer discovery equipment for early diagnosis.

Girne is the only state hospitals that own such a machine, and we hope that it will save lives and also help to calm people who worry about the dangers of skin cancer in a warm climate.

She added that a defibrillator, which costs 9000 TL, and a computerized treadmill, for $ 21,000 would be submitted by noon next Wednesday. “The bank is still not empty and if the doctors in Girne come with requests for other equipment to combat cancer, we should be able to help,” she added.


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