Work out at Mpower Sports Club

If you’re longing for a toned and fit body, there is only one destination on the map. Stretching over 5000 square metres, Mpower Sport Club in Kyrenia is by far the largest and most impressing gym in Cyprus.

With a focus on your total wellbeing, the range of programmes offered here are designed to increase your personal health and fitness in a friendly inclusive environment. A range of membership options offer access to both the gym and a wide variety of Fitness classes.

We meet with Halil Emrah Adali, Managing Director of AGAD Consultancy that started MPower in September 2013, to ask him a few questions about the facilities and his job.

– We will start by asking an important question for our readers; is there English speaking staff?
“Yes, we have a lot of English speaking staff who can assist anyone who doesn’t speak Turkish. Our qualified
instructors are passionate about helping you achieve a positive change.”

– How much does a membership cost?
“240TL a month but if you sign up for longer memberships or are a former member you can get it discounted.
The price per month gets lower if you sign up for six months, twelve months or if you are a former member.
We invite people to come and experience the relaxed but purposeful environment of the Mpower Sport Club
and discover the fitness challenge that gets results for you. People can come and use the facilities for a da
or maybe two and try for free before deciding if they want a membership or not.”

– What equipment and classes do you offer?
“The gym is equipped with a comprehensive range of weights and cardiovascular training equipment. Our friendly instructors are always on hand to show you around, demonstrate how to use the equipment correctly and provide tips on how to get the most out of your workout. We have 52 cardio machines, such as Tread mills, Stair mills, ARC Trainers, Rowing machines, and different bikes. We offer minimum two exercise machines of every kind so that no one should need to wait for their turn. Our staff is always there to assist if there is a problem with a machine or if members need any help. We have made a two million dollar investment in machines only.”

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia

“We offer a variety of classes catering for all ages, fitness levels and interests. It is possible to enter a class at any time. Choose from over 35 classes a week, including Pilates, Yoga, Brazilian Jujutsu and Capoeira, Kickboxing, Spinning, TRX, Abs class and our popular Kango Jump classes. Exercising through dancing has become very popular and therefore we will start Zumba classes soon also. Only a few of our classes are outsourced and require additional payment to the membership. We have 40 bikes in the spinning class, and 30 ropes in the TRX class. All of the six studios are 150m2 each and we also have a room for children so that their parents can work out and know that their kids are well taken care of. We also provide 14 showers in our changing rooms; seven for men and seven for women. Through our sponsors, for example Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Neutrogena, Panten Pro-V, we can offer a variety of toiletries and samples to our members. Every month the sponsors also give away around 200 gifts to members.”

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia
Spinning is one of the most popular classes.

– How many personal trainers do you have?
“With have around 45 personal trainers on our staff, most of them multilingual. Some of the languages spoken
are Nigerian, Russian, Farsi, Turkish and English amongst our personal trainers. It doesn’t matter which prior
experience you have, you can always get help from a personal trainer. We advise or members to talk to the
reception which helps select the personal trainer best suitable. For a new member the price is 600 Turkish
Lira and that includes the membership and 12 personal training sessions per month.”

– Do you offer dietary advise to your clients?
“When it comes to diets and advise we like to help our members but we can not give out anything on paper as
we are not doctors and everyone is different and has different needs. Members might also have allergies they
are not aware of or be pregnant. We have a dietician on hand and we give out her number to those that
request her services.”

– What makes Mpower better than other gyms in North Cyprus?
“Mpower is the best gym, not only because it is the biggest. We have 7200 members with a maximum
capacity of 600 people per hour, and we provide excellent service to all these members without any problems.
The prime time for the gym is between 5-8pm and is the busiest time with a lot people. Still it is not overly
noticeable due to the large facilities.”

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia
Personal trainer at Mpower Sports Club.

“Personal customer care is extremely important and we believe ourselves to be the leading fitness centre in
Cyprus in giving customer care and support. When it comes to facilities we provide a fitness centre shop
which sells supplements, sportswear and sports gear, and everything you might need for your work-out, even
socks,” Emrah says with a smile. ”We also have entire rooms set up just for kickboxing and cross fit, and table
sports such as ping pong. Upstairs we have a restaurant and health bar for nutrition before and after the work
out. The parking lot right outside can host at least 400 cars at once and the location along the main road is
beneficial and provides easy access to all.”

“We are still planning to expand even further with tennis courts and swimming pool within the next few years
and a sauna area already this year.”

– What about this business brings you the most joy?
“When we make people feel good about themselves. We love to bring health into peoples lives and to make the gym a very good social area and meeting point. It is easy to make new friends.”

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 6:30 – 20:30
Saturday: 8:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00

Same as above but closed on Sundays.
M Power Sports Club Kyrenia

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia

M Power Sports Club Kyrenia
Halil Emrah Adali is also a trainer at the gym.
M Power Sports Club Kyrenia
After your workout you can refill your energi in the Vitamin Cafe & Bar.

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