North Cyprus Top Women CEOs: Louise d’Kristensson Lia Camille

Meet North Cyprus’ leading businesswomen. Female CEOs making history in the world of business in North Cyprus. Year 2040, predictions say that a quarter of a century from now, the world’s top global female CEOs estimate will be 30 percent. Throughout the summer, we talk exclusively to exceptional individuals about how there breaking ground in their business. And what better way to begin than with our own CEO of New Cyprus Magazine.

Louise d’Kristensson Lia Camille, is a formidable careerist on her entrepreneurial journey. A CEO with missions to accomplish and a mindset that there is not a competitive environment because she has no better competitor then herself.

Louise, is a bi-lingual entrepreneur, journalist, guest speaker and business media consultant, a radical visionary whose passions are entrepreneurship, empowerment, all things communicative, content marketing, social media and IT technology.

Louise isn’t one to stay inside her comfort zone. The influential business model is an accomplished female businesswoman who has worked extremely hard to get where she is today. She is known for her expert opinions and foresight on trends globally, marketing, media innovation and digital technology transformations, impact business, economy, and society. Being an independent communication expert makes her bold and accessible style perfectly suited to match and support your marketing media efforts.

Proof that her high-value influencer opinions matter, Louise’s track record will offer an opinion to set her apart from the rest. As a media brand ambassador for motivational marketing themes representing some of the largest corporations in the North Cyprus business world, she also works on her entrepreneurship, empowerment and leadership, wanting to harness the power of influence proven effective solutions for promoting North Cyprus. The Ministry of Tourism, have awarded her the Honorary title of “Friends of North Cyprus” for contribution support and services.

Always on a mission, her focus is on engaging ways to insights leading to life-changing strategies transforming businesses and lifestyles into future-proof leaderships. Her own best barometer was a necessary step to stretch out from achievement of childhood goals and reaching her full potential as a principal executive in her business career.

A Mediterranean Dream: Endless Inspiration on the Island Of Love
How? By inspiring and empowering her pride of historical evolution and business ventures expanding in North Cyprus today, with relevant high value influencer strategies includes motivational marketing themes based on world experience and know-how. She offers a variety of marketing bridges, topics, sharing insights, guidance and strategies related to crisis communication, content marketing, media marketing and thought leaderships – ultimately to the best promotion of North Cyprus.

Also known for her dedication to charity work has volunteered her time with numerous organizations having served on the Board and Committees of world charities, including The Lions Charity Group, is currently focusing her leadership skills on furthering her platform for marketing North Cyprus to the world – Entrepreneurial Advisory and Policy initiatives essential.

Lousie’s philosophy when it comes to work leadership is to manage your time for things that matter and equally straightforward, her motor runs by her motto “lead by example” and a lifetime of ‘breaking ground’ decisions found it’s way to tried n’ tested formulas – including ‘wing it’ rather than wait.

“My motivation furthered me to become a female business role model to inspire and mentor leadership. I learned to always accept responsibility and new tasks I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist – always thinking, stand up as an outstanding business entrepreneur and contributor to my mother’s motherland”.

Considering her career to-date Louise’s proudest achievement has been to her ambassadorial motivation to further fill-the-gap, with professional design and latest technology marketing to the promotion of leaderships has led to record-breaking marketing strategies, lifestyle, and the undeniable value in the historic geographical beauty of her motherland, North Cyprus.

What will you get when you meet the bold Louise d’Kristensson Lia Camille?
A bad-ass independent – walking-on-air – thinker and talker, who’s persistence and inspiration has to be deeply rooted to her desire to work, she would work 365 days of the year, as and when required. This differentiates – even in the face of overwhelming odds – success. Successful people do not lose their sense of purpose or direction in a crisis. Visionary innovation – navigation abilities through uncertainty, ‘A serial CEO and now part-time socialite, who ‘Tangos’ with ‘the-best-of-them’.

Unwavering independent thinking, competitive certainty and driven entrepreneurial energy, have taught the spirited Louise, to be fearless and grateful with honest dependable leaderships. Obsessive about the future as she might see it? Yes, this is one sure thing that drives everyone who surrounds a successful person, crazy.

What won’t you get when you work with Louise d’Kristensson Lia Camille?
You won’t get smart-ass answers, false presentations or predictions. She won’t promise to change the world. You will not get anything you do not need. Provoking inaccurate innovation and assumptions. One final certainty – 100% you won’t get bored.

To understand Louise is probably to hark back to her role models. In terms of inspiration she credits the legacy of her paternal grandmothers legacy. Her father, was the prodigy of strength, loyalty and dedication to excellence. Strong political ties and understanding of authoritarian military and political background, were a great grounding of her commitment to sheer hard work, decorum and tenacity.

The matter of understanding the requirements of behaviors according to conventions of social groups and/or situations, proper conduct of business and cultural values, strong virtues resulted in the smart and fast tuitions of world protocol. Etiquette among professional people, are foundational and unyielding so much so they are the infrastructure to drive your abilities to the surface. The code of procedure required by foundations of conduct and distinguished ethics of proper behavior in social or official life are her DNA. Their mission accomplished.

An endless source of travel to dream destinations, learning trends to educational advancement where vital value skills, whether playing chess as a hobby, or listening and engaging in the practice of world commerce, communication and language skills. Every effort accompanied with energy. Emotionally and physically, that may be as simple as a short meditation or a full-on work out. Whatever free-time activity indulges you, a philanthropic cause, Yoga or a spontaneous getaway. Avoid burnout – stay focused.

Strong leaders and leadership come naturally qualified – you can’t fake pedigree – and it’s not all about university degrees and titles. Believing in these convictions, do not take the position lightly. Underlining values can determine failure from success. They can be ‘flawed’ but hold and sustain incredible internal strength and belief in themselves. Ultimately, pull through to out-shadow any possible flaws they may possess.

Gratitude – to people who have helped you along the way to achieve success, but more-so for the responsibility you have. Understanding it is a privilege and are grateful on a daily basis. Being authentic – very comfortable, of ones actions and ones self. Stern – efforts to get the best out of every situation for everyone. Extraordinary stamina – meant keep healthy, fit and rested so to achieve your potential. The inevitable, responsibility – a demonstration of trust to others around your world. And finally, another old fashioned quality, Just – equity is paramount, true skills entail vision, it is about navigating the opportunities and obstacles with a just instinctive as whatever happens, equitable people will go on beyond what’s required to earn and cultivate faithful admiration and loyalty.

Traveling between multi base homes there’s always plenty going on to keep her busy in North Cyprus, from the company challenges to building it successfully.

Looking back over her career, one thing Louise d’Kristensson Lia Camille would advise young future CEOs is to believe in themselves, commit to cultivate vision deserved of a following and to remain eternally optimistic. There may be no single formula for great leadership skills but the ingredients are always the same. One prominent similarity you’ll notice between role model leaders, is that they are unyieldingly driven, foundational from their deep rooted DNA, and all have faithful followers.

The future looks bright, through a new area of visionary opportunities and existential accolades. Currently directed at channeling new horizons for North Cyprus Medical Tourism.

Future Female CEO Leadership: 
Her bespoke leadership development debuts present CEOs forming an all female network collective collaboration in North Cyprus. The rewards of anticipation, both in terms of how we developed as CEOs our ideas and mixing techniques off one another’s skills, experiences and personally – as those women are now some of her closest friends.

Louise d’Kristensson Lia Camille would like to wish her acknowledgment, appreciation and special thanks attributed to the corporation of:
Lord’s Palace Bella Marin
ZenZone Boutique
Tuşe Boutique
The Gypsy Boutique
Photography: Muazzez Tokatlioglu

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