Living in the sun is recommended by scientists

Vacations to warmer climates have always been popular among people. The majority who travel seek the sun and in recent years it has become common to retire to warmer climates abroad. The research indicates that it is a good choice.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a fairly rare phenomenon, but does exist in some people. The condition means that it is hard to live in a cold climate, especially during the dark months when the lack of light affects moods negatively. Research now shows that even those who are not suffering from SAD may feel worse in the winter months, writes the Huffington Post. Particularly if you are already in a bad mood, the cold weather and darkness can drag you down even more. In contrast, warmer climates will improve the bad mood and even fatigue is reduced by the sunlight, writes Jaap J.A Denissen in the report, “The Effects of Weather on the Daily Mood: A Multilevel Approach”.

sol utlandsboende flytta utomlands hälsa norra cypern
Sun and heat provide a healthier life.

Another advantage of a warm climate is the many health benefits it provides. The University of Edinburgh has presented research showing that time spent in sunlight reduces blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. When skin is exposed to sunlight it masterfully delivers nitric oxide into the blood vessels that lower the blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease leads to approximately eighty times more deaths than skin cancer in the UK and although one should be careful in the sun the benefits for health of living in a warmer climate are huge.

sol utlandsboende flytta utomlands hälsa norra cypern

Research in the United States has shown similar advantages. In eighty nine counties in the country, the death rate was lower in warm climates. The same can be seen in Germany, where a report in the International Journal of Biometeorology describe that places with cold weather have higher death rates. These are not surprising results, when considering the origin of human beings is said to be Africa.

Source: University of Edinburgh. “Sunshine could benefit health and prolong life, study suggests.”

sol utlandsboende flytta utomlands hälsa norra cypern

sol utlandsboende flytta utomlands hälsa norra cypern

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