Limit mobile phone usage among children

Psychologist and cognitive therapist Deniz Erkal has gone out and warned about the negative effects on mobile phone usage among school children in North Cyprus and said that children who use mobile phones suffer from shortened attention span and lower academic performance. Erkal also noted that one of the major negative effects of mobile phone usage among children was their social relationships.

Speaking to Deniz Abidin of Kıbrıs Postası Erkal said “Children should not be sent to school with mobile phones. Children must be tought to use this devices only when necessary. Family should set an example for their children.”

Bekirpaşa High School headmaster Hüseyin Cumaoğlu, recently put a new rule in practice at his high school where he limited the mobile phone usage within school hours. He said that school kids do not socialise with each other during breaks and instead they were logging into facebook from their smart phones. “In order to prevent children from giving all their attention to their phones we decided to forbid mobile phones during school hours,” said Cumaoğlu.

Source: Kıbrıs Postası


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