Lemon Season in Cyprus

Now it’s lemon season in North Cyprus! Here are some facts about the lemon and its benefits.

Lemon is a good antioxidant and contains bioflavonoids which prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Lemon contains vitamin C and can counteract the common cold.

Lemon is also good at removing toxins in the body and is used for physical cleansing. Lemon with olive oil is considered to dissolve gallstones and kidney stones.

The Lemons antibacterial and antiseptic function can be used on small cuts. Lemon purifies the blood and is also used in cosmetics for skin and hair. Lemon can also be used as an insecticide.

Lemon is a very basic food, therefore good for acid / base balance. Having lemon in water or mineral water is very good. Lemon lowers the GI value which can prolong satiety after meals.

Tip: Drink a litre of lemon water in the morning before breakfast and notice the rapid increase in vitality, the perfect start to the day. To read more about the lemon and its benefits, please click here.

norra cypern citroner

norra cypern citroner

norra cypern citroner

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