Lemar Supermarket

“We make our purchases at Lemar, it’s a well-assorted store with very friendly and helpful staff.
It may take a while before you find certain things, like bread crumbs and powdered sugar, but if look it up in Turkish or ask the staff you will manage. The staff is multilingual and most of them speak English.
At checkout there are also lists where you can write down the products you want them to buy or if it is something you are happy / unhappy with.
When we make big purchases we often order home-delivery, and this is a free and very efficient service. ”
About Lemar:
Lemar Super Markets is northern Cyprus’s largest supermarket chain. It opened in 1997.
The biggest reason to Lemar´s rapid growth is their large product range, quality products and their customer satisfaction. Lemar offers many international and local goods. They have over 15 stores, 55,000 product items and over 600 employees.lemar_supermarket_norra_cypern_magasinet_sol_vind_vatten
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