Leaders reveal their visions for financial aspect of solution

President Anastasiades and President Akinci revealed their vision for the financial aspect of a solution to the Cyprus Problem yesterday evening.

Speaking at an event on the issue organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Anastasiades and Akinci revealed a number of shared hopes for the country following a solution.

Anastasiades said a solution would benefit both communities in Cyprus, providing opportunities for development. This had been indicated in a number of studies, he noted.

He also said at a time of global and regional instability, Cyprus could become an excellent example of stability and cooperation.

“It is clear that the unacceptable status quo does not only affect one of the communities but both,” Anastasiades said, adding Akinci’s vision for the future in many ways coincided with his own.

Anastasiades went on that a settlement would “end the anachronism of the current situation and provide hope and prospects for the future for all citizens and particularly the younger generation”.

He said a solution should be one where “there are no winners or losers” adding it should be based on what had already been agreed, namely a bizonal, bicommunal federation with a single international identity, single sovereignty and single citizenship.

In his address, President Akinci said the new Cyprus Problem talks had got off to a good start but that it was the end result that would matter most. He said Cypriots were at the core of the conflict and had to be able to communicate their fears and concerns to each other. This, he said, could be done with the help of the UN and the international community.

Akinci said that without empathy it would not be possible to create a functional political model and bring the two sides closer together. “The people sitting opposite us at the negotiating table are not our enemies; they are our partners with whom we will create a joint future with”, he added.

Akinci said he and Anastasiades had pledged to create concrete results and end this problem and added that they had made a good start and progressed positively.

He explained that the island was small and the resources were limited and without cooperation they would be depleted adding that the resources belonged to all the Cypriots and they should be a ‘source for cooperation and not fighting’.

The two leaders did not make comments to the press after the event.


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