Last pipe laid and lowered into the sea

The Turkish Minister Veysel Eroglu who arrived in the TRNC this morning was airlifted by helicopter to the site where the last piece of piping is being laid within the framework of the ‘Project of the Century’ water project from Turkey.

Ulas Baris reported the event live…

As the last piece of pipe is being laid, it’s been reported that at present the pipes have sea water running within them. Once the last piece is fitted, the seawater will be emptied; it is expected that fresh water from Turkey will reach the TRNC in 10 days.


Attending the ceremony with the Turkish Minister is Turkish Ambassador Derya Kanbay and TC Minister for Natural Resources and Food Onder Sennaroglu.

Speaking at the event, Eroglu noted that this project idea belonged to Turkish President Erdogan. He said that the Turkish part in the project ended at the Gecitkoy Dam; the distribution of the water lay in the hands of the TC ministry.

Eroglu said that the water should reach Nicosia by the end of the month and both President Akinci and President Erdogan would be inaugurating it at the opening ceremony.

The Turkish Minister went on to say that water would be reaching every part of the island by the end of the year and in the event the two sides reach an agreement the water will be representative of the peace as well. Eroglu added that when the water project is finalised they will begin work to bring electricity via cable as well.



The Minister made the ‘ceremonial lowering’ of the pipes. According to standard procedure the pipes will take 2 hours to sink into the water and will be secured into their places by the aid of robots.


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