Last Night at the Proms at The Wild Duck

September 9th will be a special night at the Wild Duck in Lapta, as many Brits and music lovers will hear the strains of Elgar and other British composers on the warm Cypriot evening air as they watch a recording of the 2013 Last Night at the Proms from the Royal Albert Hall in London, which is organised by the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia.

To all of them comes a message from Graham Bradshaw! And who, they may well ask is he.  Graham is a cellist with the BBC and the last night 2013 was his 37th successive Last Night, at which he often plays the Jack the Lad solo, although he is now Assistant Leader, but with a female taking that role, it is only natural that Graham, plays the ‘male’ solo part. He will be playing this year too, but rarely can that be seen live out here in Northern Cyprus, but for those who do see both or the Royal British Legion presentation, Graham sends a message,  “Please send my personal greetings to any watchers. We at the BBC value our worldwide audience enormously, and it is great to know that last year’s concert is still being enjoyed all around the world.”

And now Lapta will have a taste thanks to Major Brian Thomas and the committee of the R.B.L.

Don’t forget to arrive early if you want to get one of the seats or take a blanket to sit on – doors open at 6p.m. By 7.45p.m. the gates will close.

Royal Albert Hall at night with street lights. Last Night of the Proms  comes to Kyrenia, North Cyprus

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