Larnaca marina almost full to capacity

With around 90 to 95 per cent of Larnaca marina’s capacity already full, the government is planning to expand and radically upgrade the facility, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s Deputy Director General Annita Demetriades said on Monday.

“The marina currently caters to 350 boats in the sea and another 100 on land. It generates annual revenue of about €1m and is an important tourism infrastructure,” the CTO official said during a press briefing outlining future plans for its improvement.

The plan is to find a strategic investor for the upgrade and to carry out the works with a minimum environmental impact.

Among the project to improve facilities at the marina, the construction of a new block of toilets is planned for 2016. Another new programme aims to ensure that the cats in the Larnaca marina are housed, fed and sterilised.

“There are 30 to 35 cats in the marina,” head of the marina Christos Petrides said, “and we have built some small shelters to house and feed them,” he said. “They will also have medical care and we will sterilise them. This way we hope to keep the numbers down.”

In this way, the CTO also intends to keep the cats in one place and out of the way of the vessel owners. As Petrides explained, the management of the CTO as well as tour operators are interested in the new project, as there are similar problems with cats in hotels.


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