Lapta mayor unveils coastal plan

Lapta’s mayor has unveiled a new 5.5 million TL scheme to transform its coastal path from a “recreational trail” into the “most popular and vibrant” part of the village with an array of social, sports and recreational areas.

Plans shown focus on the existing 1.5km-long first phase of the waterfront walkway, completed two years ago with 300,000 euros of EU funding and stretching from the Lapta-Karşıyaka border
near Sardunya Bay, eastwards to Sunny Beach.

The second phase, extending the path onwards to Lapta’s “hotels strip”, covering a total 3km, is due for completion in June.

Mr Namsoy said: “The project comprises a festival arena, two separate amphitheatres one of which will have a capacity of up to 1,000 and forms part of an arena, the other smaller one, directly facing the sea, will have a capacity of about 200 – a small zoo; mini golf course, basketball and football pitches; fitness areas and children’s play areas, Turkish, fish and European restaurants and cafés, car parks and much more – all on the sea front dotting the first phase of the coastal path.

“We also want to have a separate fenced area for walking dogs.”

The mayor said the idea of the project had grown from a plan to “add landscaped green areas to the coastal path to make it the most popular and vibrant part of the village, hugging the coast”.

He added: “This is a very exciting time for Lapta, which has recently endured financial difficulties… [that] forced us to cancel the tourism festival last year.

But we are now looking for sponsors for this project and aim to invite tenders during 2016. When I put forward the vision of a coastal path for Lapta, many believed I would not be able to achieve it – but now we are actually taking the whole project to the next stage.”

Mr Namsoy said building of the second 1.5km of the coastal path was on course for a June finish at a cost of 3.5 million TL – bringing the municipality’s total spend on the trail to five million TL – after problems with their first contractor had forced them to issue a new tender last year.

“Materials, including poles that will hold up the path, are now being made in Turkey for the section that will run above the sea. We expect them to arrive within one month and for actual
construction in the sea bed to start.”

By Kerem Hasan for Cyprus Today

Lapta mayor unveils coastal plan

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