Kyrenia’s romantic harbour

When Googling Kyrenia; it is more than likely that this picture will appear first on the screen. Kyrenia’s iconic harbour and picturesque tourist magnet is an absolute must to visit whilst on holiday. The harbour is always fun, especially at night when sun has gone down and hundreds of golden lanterns light up the area. Walk between bars and local restaurants, order in freshly caught tuna and enjoy the romantic breeze of the Mediterranean.

The harbour is Kyrenia’s pulsating heart and among the most authentic experiences you can have in Northern Cyprus. In the narrow alleys the city’s rich history echo between the walls and the lukewarm nights seem to never want to end.

kyrenia harbour north cyprus
Kyrenia harbor with the St. Hilarion Castle in the background.
kyrenia harbour north cyprus
Tourist boats, fishing boats and private yachts are moored for the night.
kyrenia harbour north cyprus
There are many nice bars and restaurants in the harbor.

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