Kyrenia – the pearl of North Cyprus

Like a string of pearls the white coastal town of Kyrenia is spread out along the coast. With the typical character of a Mediterranean town Kyrenia has long been a centre of tourism on the island.

It is possible to get acquainted with the town on foot. At the shopping streets you can find bargains at substantially lower prices than at home. Turn off of on one of the small, charming side streets and you will find cosy cafes where you can sit down for a cup of Turkish coffee with the locals.

kyrenia girne norra cypern

Continuing to walk and you will soon discover the town’s iconic Harbour. Here there are boats in all colours that are nestled together in the sunshine. The horseshoe-shaped harbour, which after nightfall is bathed in the golden light of hundreds of lanterns, is the town’s natural gathering place. The restaurants have a wide range of culinary experiences, with everything from seafood to traditional Cypriot cuisine like side dishes (Meze) and halloumi cheese. Here you can also get fresh tuna and swordfish served directly from the sea.

kyrenia girne hamn norra cypern

kyrenia girne hamn norra cypern

kyrenia girne hamn norra cypern

kyrenia girne hamn norra cypern

Next door to the harbour is Kyrenia’s historic fort. The proud building that bears remnants from way back in time also has a museum where visitors among other things, can view a shipwreck of a 2300 year old merchant vessel.

kyrenia girne borg hamn norra cypern

If you turn away from the sea you can see the vast mountain range of Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains, which looks down over the town. Right at the foot of the mountain, just east of Kyrenia, is the traditional village of Bellapais, with its winding streets and cosy atmosphere it attracts many visitors. Bellapais medieval monastery is also here and is a must to visit.

kyrenia girne bellapais norra cypern

St. Hilarion Castle is another magical place to become acquainted with. At 732 meters above sea level extends the well-preserved ruins of what once was a fortress built to defend the Cyprus coast against pirate attacks. St. Hilarion Castle is a perfect destination for those who like to walk in the lush nature. The uneven steps and the narrow paths can be quite challenging, so a good tip is to wear a comfortable pair of shoes and bring plenty of water.

kyrenia girne  st hilarion castle norra cypern

With its pleasant climate, North Cyprus has become an obvious destination for golfers, which can indulge in their sport all year round. Korineum Golf & Beach Resort is located East of Kyrenia and offers an eighteen hole course in a lovely setting with breath-taking views across the green and unspoilt coastline.

kyrenia girne golf korineum norra cypern

Around Kyrenia there are many beaches to choose from. Escape Beach, Oris Beach and Alagadi Beach are just some of them.

kyrenia girne bad alagadi strand hav norra cypern
Alagadi Beach is also known as “Turtle Beach”
kyrenia girne båt norra cypern
Escape Beach.

There are many hotels to choose from, ranging from the big casino hotels to smaller boutique hotels. If you are a larger party looking for accommodation an alternative may be to rent a villa. Many people are so in love with the island that they choose to settle here permanently. If you are interested in purchasing a property in North Cyprus please click here.

North Cyprus and Kyrenia are fantastic places to visit. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at New Cyprus Magazine and we will do everything we can to answer them.

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