Mediterranean Living & Lifestyle in North Cyprus

Reporting from one of the Mediterranean’s most unspoiled islands! If you have recently visited this beautiful island devoted to culture, surf-sea-sand you will have noted key areas for property tourists attracted to Cyprus’ most stunning area, Kyrenia.

Who does not dream of their own holiday home abroad in the divine sunny climate of the Mediterranean? From having been a hidden gem in the in recent years, Kyrenia has become a shining option for those considering the move to warm latitudes where there is endless sunshine and stress-free days.

Blue skies, crystal waters, beach escapes and lush mountainous landscape ranges attract, but so do the property prices which are comparatively low when compared to other European countries as Italy, Spain, Portugal or Greece. Here you are offered a high quality of lifestyle at a much lower cost of living compared to European and Mediterranean countries.

It’s of no surprise that those who’ve discovered the Northern side of this idyllic island tend to stay for long periods of the year. North Cyprus is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Europe with a laid back lifestyle and friendly people.

Why invest in Kyrenia & North Cyprus?
– Healthy sun-drenched climate, some 300 days of sunshine a year
– Beaches lapped by crystal clear seashores surround the island
– Great value property – high standard lifestyle opportunities
– Rich culture and history
– One of the safest countries in the world – low crime rates
– Friendly and welcoming Mediterranean community
– 22 universities with over 100,000 students
– Low home and living prices compared to Europe
– High end potential, up to 5-6 years return on investment
– Simple procedures for applicants and residency permits
– English is widely spoken

Climate and Weather:
The climate in Cyprus is typically Mediterranean with hot dry summers and cool winters. The terrain: central plain with mountains to north and south; scattered but significant plains along the southern coast. Hot long dry summertimes with cooler winter months. Temperatures average 19.6*C, summer temperatures average 29*C lowermost temperatures hit 10*C around the month of January.

Events and Festivals, visits, leisure and activities:
Many highlights and spotlights punctuate the season with all year round art, music, food, wine, jazz festivals and more are organized and licensed local council, fund raiser venues, festival operators offer a wide variety of diverse activities. Entertainment signifies awareness for cultural and traditions in North Cyprus. Designed to suit all age groups and interests. Many stalls lined with local crafts, handmade local wares, authentic regional food wine and beverage tastings, concerts, musicians, acrobatic shows and variety entertaining top the bill. North Cyprus Festivals last for up to one week, open from morning through to late.

Leisure & Sports Activities:
Outdoor activities are practiced according to season, from boat trips and cruises to more extreme sports such as tandem paragliding, Fly boarding, scuba diving, to jet skiing, archery, salsa dance classes to the challenge of nighttime go-karting. Leisure activities for yoga, bowls, bowling, golf, mini golf, to chess, swimming, tennis golf, biking, cycling, cycling, multi sport, climbing, hiking. Venues and activities are endless around sea and mountain.

Buying a place in the sun:
Imagine, clinking Mai Tai cocktails served by smiling staff on a golden secluded beach, cruise boat or sipping coffee to a red sunset in the privacy of your own veranda – it’s time to discover the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

The Island of North Cyprus is like everything you imagined. Golden sandy beaches stretching coast after coast lapped by crystal blue waters fringed by palm trees, lush green landscape to a canvas of blue skies mountainous terrains. The scent of jasmine and lavender carried on a warm tropical breeze with 7-8 hours of sunshine daily all year round with temperatures barely changing between 20*C and 30*C. Whether in privacy or with friends and family to share and complete this sensational canvas.

Cliche? Yes, surprisingly, it’s that wonderful and arguable, the perfect escape plan opting out of the hustle and bustle of big city life. Future planning ? If considering ‘buying your home abroad’ it’s quite straightforward a procedure today and couldn’t be a better time.

The Mediterranean pace is somewhat easier than Europeans are used to, the ethos is not to worry, live to enjoy life, this appears to work as a remedy for a longer more enjoyable life. Adopting this adage maybe something we’re all in search of!

The buying process:
The island retains a reassuringly British presence leaning heavily to British judicial system. The buying process integrates British laws and legal legislation remains from when the British colonized the island and holds a long standing infrastructure both theoretically and in practice is still in stone. The currency is great British pound.

Hot Property prices: The spotlight on Kyrenia
While it may not have the choices of the Caribbean this also includes the price tag. Property prices on the Mediterranean’s third largest island are doing well and certainly ticks many boxes, especially for the British, Scandinavian, and European house hunters. Homes are 70% more affordable, similarly buyers are attracted to the many options available. Tendencies showing gravitation to the Kyrenia coast line are on the up compared to other countries of opposition.

Whether a tight budget or more luxurious property Kyrenia has plenty of options ticking boxes for the ardent house hunter. North Cyprus residency rights are not restricted and make easy provision for home buyers.

New Build Apartment Project:
Looking to push the boat out “Boutique Style”? For people who like the developments of intimate and smaller setting, yet within minutes of a high service seashore town and if you have a minimum purchase budget of £150,000 you can be the owner of an idyllic two bedroom apartment residence offering any features and a choice of garden or roof terrace penthouse apartments, set in idyllic lush green communal gardens and superb stylish location. Just minutes from main Harbour town center facilities, sea coast and entertainment. The residence is well underway and due to be completed by in April 2019.

New Build Villa & Off Plan Villa Project:
If your looking to become ‘a villa owner in the sun’ of the detached stylish Mediterranean villas facing spectacular sea and mountain views, then this is the one. Its located in a perfect sea coast setting situated just within walking distance from one of the Islands best beach clubs. In addition to the high specification and features of the property, the buildings benefit from a superb located facing a park, with own swimming pool, featured sea-view terraces and balconies, manicured gardens, lux granite kitchen, marble bathroom and garage.
Launch Prices starts at £325.000

Practical Advice to Buying a Home In North Cyprus.
A few tips to take into account. Property real estate agents tend to be professional and well trained however, buying a home abroad differs from what you might be used to, always work with trustworthy professional companies, make sure

Your property meets current and all building regulations and standards you will be well protected. Legislation and laws are implemented for your protection. All undertakings must adhere to the statutory terms and conditions applicable to North Cyprus.

Your statuary consumer rights are protected by appointing and instructing trustworthy reputable law firm and notary legal representatives to act independently on your behalf.

For more information about buying properties in North Cyprus contact the Real Estate Agent Philip Kristensson on +90 548 846 44 07. For Turkish speaking call +90 533 847 38 38

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