Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

On the green plains in the outskirts of Kyrenia is the natural golf paradise Korineum Golf & Beach Resort located. The 18-hole mastership course had its Grand Opening back in April in 2007, and with its international atmosphere it attracts golfers from all over the world. From the course golfers can enjoy an enchanting landscape with a view over the beautiful mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. And the course is a masterpiece in itself, with beautiful man-made lakes and historical olive trees. It has generous fairways and strategically placed sand traps. Korineum Golf Academy has a big driving range with a view over the sea and plenty of greens where you can practice your chipping and putting.

Korineum can also provide you with first class living at their own boutique hotel, which is perfect for golf tourists looking for propinquity and comfort. Imagine yourself being able to relax at the hotel spa and health centre after a long day among sand traps and birdies, or sitting down with an ice cold beer to enjoy the afternoon sun on the country club terrace. For golfers wanting to combine the rounds with sunshine and a dip in the sea, the Korineum Golf & Beach Resort offers a private sand beach with a sun deck.

Cyprus Nights is organised weekly during the summer months and attracts both golfers and other visitors. The event takes place on the green area next to the golf course, there, among the olive trees and under the starry night sky a big buffet of traditional delicacies such as humus, olives, grilled lamb, vegetables and fruits are set up. Everything ecologically farmed from their own garden. The family friendly event also offers performances and music. It is a perfect occasion to enjoy warm summer nights together with good friends.

Visit Korineum’s website here.

A Cypriot evening at Korineum.

The Country Club terrace requires a visit after a round of golf.

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