Kitesurfing with Niyazi Siyalir

To find out more about the popular sport of Kitesurfing we visited the Aphrodite Resort, at the cost of Güzelyurt, which is very famous for its surfing. Niyazi Siyalir, who is a specialist in Kitesurfing, works at Aphrodite Resorts own surf school.

– Who are you? Can you tell me about yourself.

“My name Niyazi Siyalir, I ́m 24 years old. I was born and raised in a small village on the west coast, 10 minutes south of the city Güzelyurt. I am an only child with no siblings, I live in both Gaziveren, Kyrenia and Nicosia and I spend a lot of time on the West Coast or North Coast. ”

What is kitesurfing?Kitesurfing in north

“Water Surfing with surf boards and kite sails. Kitesurfing is an extreme water sport. It´s all about calculating and manage the winds. The perfect kitesurfing weather is 15-knot wind without large waves. Since I took part in a kitesurfing course, three years ago, I have become obsessed with the sport. I surf every day and spend a lot of time in the water. ”

Do you work with the sport?

“I now work at Aphrodite Airlines which is a surf school here on the west coast. I teach surfing for children as well as adults. We arrange surfing camps for children and classes for adults, beginner courses and advanced courses. Our customers are usually between 18-40 years, however, we have both younger and older students. ”

What is the best thing about kitesurfing?

“Kitesurfing is a sport that provides an incredible adrenaline rush. Once you have started to surf, it is very difficult not to continue with the sport. Sometimes I surf for many hours and I travel around the world and participates in surfing competitions. ”

“It’s easy to learn, especially when the water is warm and with few ocean currents,” he says, smiling. “Many people think that you have to be very strong but that is not the case.”

-What does a typical course look like?

“You start with theory in two hours. You learn to handle kite sail on land and then continue out to sea. We recommend that you do at least eight hours in class before you go out and surf on your own. We split up the eight hours in four lessons á two hours per lesson.

Interest is high and people come here from all over the world to learn to kite surf.

When the sport started about 17 years ago it was very dangerous, but the material they use has improved markedly in recent years with different security features. ”

-Are there many different kinds of kite sails? Kitesurfing north

“There are several different sizes of sails and it really depends on how much you weigh, how long they are and how good you are. Beginners shall eg start with a small training sails. ”

“Aphrodite Airlines has open 365 days a year. We have weather stations on all the beaches to see where the best wind is for the day. Here we also offer courses in; paddle boarding, windsurfing, wave surfing and board surfing.  Come over and try it! ”


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