Karaman calendars go on sale

A calendar produced by people living in Karaman is on sale, with all proceeds being used to benefit residents and visitors to the picturesque village.

Work on The Images of Karaman began last month with the objective of raising at least £300 to help buy a second defibrillator for the small community. People were asked to submit photographs for use in the calendar and around 100 were sent in from some 30 people including residents and visitors.

Voting to select images for inclusion was organised at locations in the village and online, with the final 12 being chosen by a calendar committee.

“Each picture was chosen to describe a particular season,” committee member Andy King said. “We received some mesmerising photographs and selection of those for use in the calendar was not easy.”

Printing the initial 100 calendars was completed last week by Mystery Printing in Girne at cost of 1,500 TL, which was paid with funds from the Karaman Midsummer Party in June.

The calendars are on sale at 25TL or £6 each from outlets in the village including the village shop, Levant restaurant and Karaman Church. They will also be available online later, as a high demand is anticipated from overseas.

“The idea is to promote the beauty of our village and also to benefit the people who live or visit here and who might one day need a life-saving defibrillator in the event of a heart problem,” Mr King added.

“We also plan to raise money at charity events to help us collect the £1,200 needed to buy the second defibrillator.”

By Yasemin Gülpinar for Cyprus Today


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