Kantara restaurant

If you wish to visit the third of the island’s castles, Kantara castle, which incidentally the easiest castle to get to and has by far the best views. When traveling from Girne, you will first come to the village Kaplica, take the turning up to the mountain and drive through the village.

Thankfully they widened the road and laid new asphalt a few years ago, which is also needed on the other side of the mountain when you drive down towards Bogaz and Famagusta.

When you come up on the mountain plateau on your left is a restaurant where they also now have a guest house with 5 rooms if you wish to stay overnight.

It is a family restaurant that is open all year round from 10:00 to 16:00 pm. The food is good but the selection is not huge.

Up here, the air is cooler with the fresh smell of the forest and stunning views. You can also leave your car in the car park and take a walk up to the castle, about 3.5 km one way.

Tel Office: 0392 388 2370, Home: 0392 388 2419 Mobile: 0533 865 6747 / 0533 843 6708

Norra cypern Kantara restaurang

Norra cypern Kantara restaurang

Norra cypern Kantara restaurang

Norra cypern Kantara restaurang @Norra cypern Kantara restaurang

Norra cypern Kantara restaurang


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