IVF – a chance to have your own children

In Northern Cyprus, children mean a lot are the centre of the family. There is always huge excitement great when a child enters the family, and a lot of people pay a visit to meet the newborn. Sometimes it is not easy for a couple to get pregnant and there are many potential causes for this. In Northern Cyprus, the laws regarding in vitro fertilization, sex determination and above all healthy fetuses are very liberal. No matter of the age, everyone is welcome to give it a try.IVF-
IVF, In Vitro Fertilization, IVF
There are several modern clinics that specialize in IVF treatment in Northern Cyprus. IVF is where the egg is fertilized in a test tube and implanted into the uterus after 4-5 days. All embryos are checked to ensure they are healthy. The parents can also choose the gender of their child.
Other alternatives
If the parents egg or sperm for some reason cannot be used for a successful fertilization donors are offered, selected based on the preferences of the parents. The donors undergo a rigorous inspection, both physical and mental, and all donations are checked. If that is not an option there is also embryo adoption, when prospective parents adopt the embryo implanted in the uterus.   If the woman for any reason is unable to carry a pregnancy, surrogate “mothers” may be used to carry the embryo in place of the future mother. This is carefully regulated in order to avoid any problems during or after the pregnancy.
Who may access this treatment
This is a matter between the parents and the physician. There are no laws governing the age requirements or family composition. It is a big decision which can be expensive, but for many people who are not able to have their own children it is worth it.

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