It’s Friday! Time for News, Booze and Rainbow Doritos


On Thursday, Doritos unveils a colourful twist on their classic chip: Doritos Rainbows.

The limited-edition bags of Doritos chips, conceived in a partnership with the It Gets Better Project, are designed to celebrate the LGBT community “in the boldest, most colourful way possible.”

If you just began running to your local supermarket to buy all the Doritos Rainbows, stop  the chips are only available to people who donate $10 or more to the It Gets Better Project, which seeks to provide hope and support to LGBT youth.

The It Gets Better Project began in September 2010, when podcast host and activist Dan Savage made a YouTube video with his partner to give hope to LGBT young people facing harassment for who they are.

Now, to the question on everyone’s mind: Do they taste like Doritos?


The multicoloured chips, inspired by the Pride flag, tastes no different than your standard Cool Ranch Doritos … which is to say, amazing. Plus, there’s the added bonus of fun rainbow colours and the knowledge that your snacking is supporting a good cause.

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