Internship week 9

It’s almost over, the internship that is. How crazy.

I have been eating breakfast on the rooftop terrace and working from the balcony almost every day this week, to stock up on my D-vitamin before going back to cloudy and rainy Sweden.

It will be weird going back home, I am so used to the calm life here now. Used to the sun, warmth, apartment, area, and to go down to Joya and be greeted by Binnie and Saeed with ”hello lawyer” because I have a black robe which makes me look like a lawyer according to them. I have gotten used to having a 130 square metre apartment to myself (how will it feel to get back to my small 35m2 apartment in Gothenburg?). I have gotten used to sunshine almost every day. But moslty I have gotten used to working.

I have learned a lot these past months, and I have learned what it means to be a communicator, more than I did when I read about it in university. Therefore it feels a little weird to go back to school again. Sure, it will be fun to get to know more about the sector, but in the autumn semester I will only write a bachelor thesis and that doesn’t feel appealing after trying out work life. But I’m sure I will learn something from that as well. And I can’t deny it does feel nice that I still have time to find a future work place and so on. That I can live inside the protective world of the university for some more time before it’s time to get kicked out into reality.

But at the moment I am here in the country of magic sunsets, and I will try to make the most of my last weeks here.

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Filippa studies media and communication at Gothenburg University and will do her internship with New Cyprus Magazine. She hopes that the internship will increase her communicative skills and give her an insight of the business. She has a passion for seeing the world and meeting new people, and has studied in both Australia and the United States.