Internship week 8

The best thing about Fridays is that a new episode of my favourite Swedish podcast is released. I listen to it during breakfast to wake up and get ready to work. The second best thing is Roots, which is almost a tradition to visit on weekends nowadays.

Last weekend we celebrated Marcus’ birthday there together with his siblings and their significant others; I doubt that Ashley and Hannah have had that many guests at the same time during the whole winter. The day after we had a more formal birthday dinner for him at Joya together with his family, Mike and Sevgi, Sune and Gunnel, and two other guests who were on a viewing trip.

Work-wise I have made a strategic plan over the actions the company must take to achieve their communication goals. I’ve also created a time-schedule and started with the budget. A strategic plan is a document where you get an overview over the activities to be included in the communication plan, when they will occur, what audience they will be aimed towards, what message they will communicate, who will be in charge of the activity, the resource consumption of the activity, and what channel they will be communicated through – whether they will be published in a newspaper, broadcasted on television or radio, sent through e-mail or maybe communicated through a presentation.

At the moment I’m looking up how much the various activities will cost. After that, I’m almost done, I just have to polish the text and, of course, finish writing my report for school, and make a PowerPoint that I need to submit together with the report. It will be tricky designing a PowerPoint presentation that makes sense when I will only submit it online and not present it on spot for my professor. But that is a later problem. However, this has taken up most of my time during the week.

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, Amanda, Marcus and I took a walk up to the mountains; the air was warm, clear and filled with flowery scents. This is what it looked like:

Mountain walk

Looking for a good spot to photograph the sunset.

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