Internship week 5 – An Ordinary Day

This is the fifth week that I’m writing about my internship at New Cyprus Magazine and Sunny Cyprus Homes, but since the weeks are similar to each other I thought I was going to try a different approach to the blog post this week. I got an idea that I should write about a normal day at the office. However, sometimes I am not at the office the whole day, and sometimes there is more things going on and sometimes less going on than in this example.

8am – My alarm goes off. I squint at the phone screen and swipe left to snooze. ”Only ten more minutes”, I think to myself and pull the covers tighter around me to prevent the cold air in the room from reaching me. I force myself to fall asleep again even though I know that the alarm will go off soon again. I tell myself that I need those 10 extra minutes. But I sleep light and it feels like I’ve been waiting for the alarm for ages when I reach for my phone to check the time to see if I turned it off, I haven’t, it’s two minutes left until the alarm will go off. I spend the minutes going through all social media installed on the phone in protest, because I really don’t want to put my feet down on the cold floor tiles. But in the end I give up and force myself out of bed.

8.40am – I’m in the kitchen making oatmeal with cinnamon and peeling a Washington-orange. It’s a local kind of orange and my new favourite since I came to the island. After putting the oatmeal in the microwave I prepare the coffee, I have finally figured out how many scoops of coffee and how much water is needed to get the perfect result.

When I sit down at the bar to enjoy my gourmet brekkie I thank God for Swedish coffee. Whilst I’m eating I’m listening to a podcast to feel less lonely; after living in a dorm the whole autumn, the three-bedroom apartment feels way too quiet and empty to live in by myself sometimes. But then I look out through the big kitchen windows, over the site and the Mediterranean Sea and the blue sky and I feel better, I really have nothing to complain about. The world here is sunny, green and cloud-free, plus that I live like this! I am fortunate.


Houses and Troodos

9.55am – I have put on high waisted black skinny jeans, a white T-shirt and a jacket, put on make-up and packed my bag. I am now standing and peeking through the bathroom window to the street below to check if Marcus and Amanda have arrived yet, but they haven’t. The only thing going on below is the construction workers from the house next to mine pushing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow with gravel and emptying onto a big pile, outside my house.

10am – The phone beeps, Marcus and Amanda are outside to pick me up to go to work.

10.30am – At the office we sit down and I figure out with some help from Sophia what articles need to be translated. I write, translate words, try to figure out how to phrase a certain expression in Swedish or English, depending on which language I’m writing in, and the I attach pictures and put the article in draft, and then the same procedure starts all over again with the next article.

1pm – Lunch. It ends up with us going to the Turkish pancake place next to the office to order tea and the pancakes with spinach, potatoes and haloumi. The place is located at such a convenient distance from the office, and that’s why we have been going there for lunch so often.

2pm – Back at the office. Some have gone off to meetings, others are on the phone and some are focused on writing articles. I decide to give the articles one more hour of my attention before changing task.

3pm – After being done with the articles I sit down with the situation analysis, SWOT-analysis and stakeholder and focus group analysis I have started doing. It requires my full attention. I have already collected information from my colleagues about how the company’s external and internal communication works and now I’m sending out questions to them that is supposed to help me with the SWOT-analysis. It is questions that will help answer questions about what the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. While I wait for their answers I continue with the situation analysis and start thinking about whom the stakeholders are and possible focus group(s).

I am still in the early stages of analysing and sometimes it feels like a prevailing task. But right now I feel like I have control over the situation and I feel pretty proud over myself.

6pm – The time has rushed by while I have been concentrated on figuring out who our stakeholders are and potential focus groups should be and jotting down some of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and it’s time to go home. We pack up our MacBooks, chargers and phones, say goodbye to each other and head home.

6.30pm – At home I sit down to look up some Instagram accounts that we can get inspired by when improving our own account. Maria and Amanda where given the task to update the company’s Instagram and because I want to learn how to establish successful Instagram accounts for businesses I asked if I could be a part of the Instagram team as well. And therefore I am now looking for accounts with the perfect balance between pictures of their properties and their company culture. Preferably they should have nice, professional looking pictures and offer a beach lifestyle, sort of like we do. I jot down around ten accounts and send the list to Amanda and Maria. We will have to discuss them at the next Instagram meeting, which probably will take place on Monday after the weekly Monday meeting at 3pm.

On Monday meetings we usually discuss what we want to achieve until the end of the week as well as deciding who will do what, and then we usually try to have a Thursday meeting to follow up how everyone is doing. At meetings I usually get to be the secretary and make sure everyone gets the notes from the meeting.

7pm – The work day is over and so am I, so I contemplate going down to Joya to eat dinner. Marcus and Amanda might be up for eating there as well tonight. We do that sometimes, it’s very convenient to go there since I literary live right above the restaurant. I write Marcus and Amanda on Facebook and they think it sounds like a plan.

9pm – I skype with my parents and say hi to the cats through the screen, I skype with them a few times a week. It’s usually during the weekends but today everybody was able to talk in the middle of the week.

10pm – I watch an episode of Breaking Bad before setting the alarm at 8am and going to sleep. And I feel pretty confident I will dream about analyses the whole night.

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