Internship week 4

This week started off with an exciting trip to Limassol. Sophia, Maria and I went down to the Greek side to do an interview with a Greek Cypriot debut author. I got the honour of interviewing him, which I was a little nervous about, but it turned out to be very adept and fun. It ended up with us talking for over an hour at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

Author Socratis E. Socratous Author Socratis E. Socratous


Moreover, it was the first time I was in south Cyprus, so it was nice to get to go on a sightseeing around Limassol. I was surprised at how the world changed as soon as we crossed the border in Nicosia, from being in the Middle East, we were suddenly in Europe, Greece. It sounds obvious when I say it, because Cyprus is a country divided between the Middle East and Europe, but I was not expecting that southern Nicosia would feel as Greek as it did.

It took us an hour to get to Limassol, and once there we did not have time to do much more than check into our hotel before we had to go to the café where we would conduct the interview. After a while of searching for the place, we found the café where we quickly spotted the author. We walked up to him and introduced ourselves, ordered coffee and then began the long and very interesting chat. Afterwards we went to the beautiful port of Limassol and ate delicious sushi, and in the evening we went to a lively and crowded bar. The next day we had time to wander around in Nicosia’s shopping street before it was time for us to cross the green line again.

Limassol port

We were only on the Greek side for two days before we went home, the rest of the week consisted of sunny, 19-degree weather, writing the article from the interview, editing texts from the website, attend meetings, and beginning to work on the communication plan that I will develop before the internship is over.

On Tuesday we went to Roots, a bar located near Aqua Village. The owners have been on a holiday in Bali for several weeks but they finally came back on Tuesday so we could visit their bar. It is a small bar that breathes reggae; a picture of Bob Marley is hanging on one of the walls and the owner has his long blonde hair in dreadlocks. Above the bar there is a roof of dried palm leaves and the colors yellow, green and red reemerge in the decor. It is a very cozy place and has a very pleasant and relaxed owners.

Either way, it feels great to get so much responsibility and tasks to do at work, there’s not a second, when I’m not busy, which is fun and makes the days (and weeks) pass by super fast, this week for example, feels like it just started.

Girls in Roots

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