Internship week 3

This week the island has been very cold. Actually cold enough to cause some chaos up in the Troodos Mountains, when snow fell and caused mountain roads and schools to close. But even down by the coast we got some sleet. So I had to increase the heat on the AC and constantly walk around wrapped in a blanket at home this week.

Snow on roads

But apart from the cold nothing unusual has happened, except that we went to a Persian night on Wednesday! Foroozan organised the event where we got to try Persian food and dance to Persian music, which was very nice and different.

Being an intern at Sunny Cyprus Homes means that there always is a high pace and that I get to try doing a big variety of things. Things that I might not would have learned if I was working for another company. I get to try being a journalist, I get to see how you make magazines, broschures and websites, and I get to attend meetings where plans about the company’s future are made, and I get to see how you take care of customer relations as well as public relations.

Adding to that, I learn a lot about North Cyprus while writing for the magazine. From not knowing much at all about the island, I now know what topics are discussed by the local politicians, what kind of unions and societies exist on the island, and what events they are hosting etc. I have a pretty good idea of what is going on here. The most difficult thing to learn here is the Turkish language, but I’m working on it through my app, Duolingo, which reminds me about ”practice time” every day.


Dancing women

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Filippa studies media and communication at Gothenburg University and will do her internship with New Cyprus Magazine. She hopes that the internship will increase her communicative skills and give her an insight of the business. She has a passion for seeing the world and meeting new people, and has studied in both Australia and the United States.