Internship week 2

During my second week here, the job has gotten busier and I have, among other things, begun writing my own articles.

In the beginning of the week, we heard that there had been a fire at a restaurant in Aqua Village, and that a Swedish couple had called the fire brigade and rescued the restaurant from burning down. We therefore went to see them and listened to their version of what had happened. That story later became my first own article for the magazine, which was fun.

On Wednesday Sophia, Philip, and I visited the Baris Park Wednesday market in Kyrenia, both for the magazine and for our own sake. There were several hundred stalls with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts, and everything was incredibly cheap.

On Wednesday evening we visited iBelli Italian Restaurant, also for both our own and for the magazine’s sake, because the magazine had not yet written any article about it since it changed location. I have absolutely no problem with combining work and free time like that!

At the end of the week we went out to take pictures of an event, did an interview, and went around to different places to set up times for new interviews and collect material for the magazine. We went to an art gallery, a locksmith, a massage salon, a pharmacy and a tooth whitening place. It was very interesting to see how Sophia and Maria work. The magazine tries to write about all the places that can be good (and fun) for new residents to be aware of. I can only speak for myself, but at least it’s really fun and a great help to me!

I got to translate some articles this week as well, and I’ve been given a camera, so that I can go out on my own to find places to photograph and write about. It is going to be fun! I feel very privileged that my work actually is to discover North Cyprus.

Dried fruit and nuts

Wednesday market

Baris Park Wednesday market

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Filippa studies media and communication at Gothenburg University and will do her internship with New Cyprus Magazine. She hopes that the internship will increase her communicative skills and give her an insight of the business. She has a passion for seeing the world and meeting new people, and has studied in both Australia and the United States.