International white goods at Halos Trading

We walk through the doors of the Halos Trading’s main business in Famagusta. The ceilings are high and the polished floor shine brilliantly white. Along the walls are stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers in straight lines. A kitchen fan that resembles a crystal chandelier reflects the sunlight that looks in through the shop’s large windows. Halil Giritli greets us and takes us on a tour of the bright venue which consists of five floors.

Halos Trading was established in 2000. From the beginning Halos only sold air conditioners, but gradually increased the range to include kitchen appliances, furniture and household appliances of world leading brands. Today, it is the largest distributor of international household products in North Cyprus, and the only major retailer that works with the concept of collecting all the brands under one roof. The Halos range includes Italian Zanussi and Elica, German AEG and WMF, Spanish Fagor and Swedish Electrolux amongst many other brands. Halos is the exclusive distributor of these brands in North Cyprus.

Affär butik vitvaror internationella märken Famagusta norra cypern

Halos has many international customers who appreciate being able to choose from well-known brands when the time comes to purchase white goods and household appliances to the new holiday home. Us Swedes obviously feel safe with Electrolux products that we know are of very high standard. Halil says that it was with great effort they managed to win the trust of the Swedish white goods brand to become the exclusive distributor in North Cyprus. “They already had a partner on the island, but when they saw our high ambitions and our efficient way of working, they made the decision that from then on we would be selling their products. Today we have a very good relationship with Electrolux and they come for regular visits from Sweden every year. They see the whole of Cyprus as Europe and therefore we have access to exactly the same products to sell as on the south side, with the same high standards and always the latest models.”

We walk past the area with stoves and fans, and on to the shelves of household appliances that are lined up in neat rows, waiting for someone to accompany them home. Here are food processors, coffee makers, espresso machines, blenders and bowls. Not far away there is a wall with pans and pots, and there is also a whole ship of things for the bathroom.

Halos has four large stores in Famagusta, Nicosia and Kyrenia. But when the company started sixteen years ago it began as a small shop. “Me and my business partner are locals and even though we are now a large department store we do treat our customers with the same personal service that we have always done,” he explains. “This is our main business and we are always on site in our stores.”


Halos has a young sales team that is distinguished by its modern approach to service and to always ensure customers best. The confidence amongst its customers is very high. Halil mentions that it is important that the staff enjoy their work and working in a European way when it comes to human resource management. The employees at Halos are always trained and updated on the latest products and they go on regular exhibitions around the world to make purchases. It is also the only company to offer after-sales service in three different cities every day of the week. It has technically trained staff in each store, and can therefore provide fast service. For the buyer the supply and installation of the products are always included in the price. All guarantees are European and exclusively European brands are sold.

Halil wishes all customers a warm welcome to any of the Halos stores and guarantees that they will get a friendly reception by him and his staff.

Opening hours:
08:30 to 18:30
08:30 to 14:00

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