International Saladin Days

Next Thursday to Saturday, the Home for Cooperation will be hosting the International Saladin Days for the first time in Nicosia. The event will see the coming together of writers, intellectuals, artists and activists to discuss history, literature, identity and contemporary politics.

This is the first time that the three-day cultural extravaganza involving local and international guests will be held outside of Norway since its establishment by the House of Literature in 2009. Nicosia can enjoy this coming together of people and ideas thanks to the cooperation between the Association of Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) and the House of literature of Oslo.

The event is down to the initiative of Norwegian author, Thorvald Steen and the British-Pakistani historian and author, Tariq Ali.

Every year, authors, artists, activists, academics and intellectuals visit Oslo to discuss the path to coexistence and tolerance, instead of conflict and prejudice by focusing on a specific subject.

This year the topic is the history of the Crusades and all its present-day ramifications.

All activities under Saladin Days, Nicosia will be free.

Lectures and talks on different themes to do with equality. May 5-7. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. Thursday: 6pm, Friday: 7pm and Saturday 10am and 7pm. Tel: +357-22-445740. Email:

International Saladin Days

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