India Day in Nicosia

Last Sunday The Home for Cooperation in Nicosia arranged a theme day about India.

The Home for Cooperation is a community centre in the heart of Nicosia, by Ledra Palace in the UN buffer zone. The centre is a meeting point for Greek and Turkish Cypriots and a connecting bridge between the two societies. Individuals and non-governmental people are encouraged to meet and get to know each other here. The centre offers a big variety of culture, art and educational programs that promotes creativity and brings people closer to each other.

The India day started off with two yoga classes where the participants got to practice breathing and different yoga positions. After that there was a display of documentary films about India and henna painting. In the cafeteria one could chose between vegan dishes, such as curry with vegetables and coconut milk with rice and wraps with carrots, spinach, chickpeas, onion, cauliflower and potatoes. There was also a dessert with raw vegan avocado cake. A photo exhibition with pictures of India was displayed during the whole day.

People doing yoga

Yoga instructor at India Day event

People at India Day event in Home For Cooperation

People at India Day event in Home For Cooperation

Food at India Day Event

Home For Cooperation

People at India Day event

India Day event Sweden and Norway has contributed with money to The Home for Cooperation.

Pictures at India Day event

Henna tattooing at India Day event

India Day event A lot of people wanted to do henna tattoos.

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