Increasing popularity of universities in North Cyprus

The number of students at the universities in North Cyprus has increased, informs The Ministry of Education Higher Education and Foreign Relations Office. The academic year 2015/2016 saw 81,000 students at nine universities in the country, an increase of 7,000 from last year. Of these, 47,033 are from Turkey and 21,982 are from other countries. The Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta reported to have students from 85 different countries.

The relationship between North Cyprus and international students is booming. In February last year, New York Times wrote that “students flock to the universities in North Cyprus” and, a website for master’s degrees in Europe, writes that North Cyprus is probably one of the most significant places in the world for studying. The multi-cultural student environment is rewarding and one encounters not only a culture in Cyprus, but people from all over the world. There is also a rich history that is worth exploring. North Cyprus is internationally measured as having low fees for studies, but also the low cost of living is favourable for students. Most programs at universities in the country are in English, a sign of targeting international students.

Foreign students tell the NY Times that they have chosen to study in the country because of the quality of education and the international experience. For many Africans and Asians undergraduate study is a road to higher education in Europe, it is then easier to get into a university in Europe after studying in North Cyprus rather than similar education in their home countries.

This year’s figures show that the popularity is only increasing for universities in the country.

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