Imran Afzal on Ramadan

Why Ramadan?

Imran Afzal who works at Joya Restaurant explains why Ramadan is so important to him and all the Muslims around the world. – It’s for us to experience and understand what all the poor who cannot afford to feed fill their stomachs during the day.

– We have everything we could want, we obey God by abstaining from food and drink to understand and sympathize with the poor. It is a way to gain insight and feel grateful for the life that God has given us. It is a gift from Him so we can repent for our sins. If you perform a good deed in Ramadan, you get 70% more reward from God.

We wonder if he can lose some weight during Ramadan.

– There is usually not much of a difference, some people lose weight while and others do not. Those who eat a little in the morning tend to lose more.

Food consumption is actually higher during this period, that’s because we cook more food and give to the hungry. The rule says that you should primarily give to relatives, and then you’re nearest neighbour, etc…

Ramadan lasts for a month, but it does not follow the regular calendar, but always begins on the new moon. This year it began on June 28-Jully 28 and each following year you go back 10 days, so next year it will begin on June 18.

– It is a special period in the year, says Imran. It is good for the stomach; you feel greater happiness when you give to others. It is a spiritual period, you can sense the month following.

Is there health risks associated with Ramadan?

No, but pregnant woman should not follow Ramadan after the sixth months, nor women during menstruation. The same applies to children under 14.

The Ramadan tradition is the same in all Muslim countries.


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