İleli Supermarket

İleli Supermarket has since its opening ten years ago been known as a family supermarket for quality food shopping in North Cyprus. This extreme popularity has grown from a reputation for great service and for stocking well known European and more diverse brands from all over. Here you can be safe to find all the products you are looking for, no more running from shop to shop to tick off the shopping list.

We asked family member Esra İeli how the story began.

“We, meaning my family and I, opened on May 28, 2007 with the desire to bring in special brand names to the island. We, as consumers, found a big lack of particular European brands, and therefore made the decision to open a specialist supermarket stocking brands that North Cyprus had not yet seen before. We chose to locate the shop in the busy touristic town of Alsancak and it caught on quickly and created our own trustable brand name,” Esra tells us.

 Ileli Supermarket fruit section

But it didn’t stop there. “Shortly after opening, we extended our services to supplying a fresh fruit and vegetable section,” Esra continues. “With our selective fresh bread and bakery section supplying varied and healthy choices such as German bread, we are always renewing and extending interesting products for our devoted English and Scandinavian customers. We quickly also adopted the helpful attitude of bringing in products on request. My family’s business aims to provide interesting brands at high quality with cost effective prices, which makes for happy shoppers and happy customers.”

The concept appears to work, as some ten years on, due to popular public demand, the family is about to launch their second supermarket to be completed before the end of the year. The feeling of this boutique style store is certainly going to appeal to more discerning shoppers able to stock up on all the family’s shopping needs.

The staff at the cashier speaks excellent English and if there is anything you are searching for and can not find, they will be more than happy to assist.

For new shoppers, İleli Supermarket can be found along the high street in Alsancak. See map below for directions.

Opening hours:
6am-2am every day winter time.
6am-3.30am every day summer time.

Contact number: 0533 843 01 01.

Address: Karaoğlanoğlu 1. Cd, Yeşiltepe Bld., Kyrenia

Signature Author:
Louise D’Kristensson Camille

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