Huge New Year lottery jackpots up for grabs


New Year lottery fever is upon us, with a 55 million TL jackpot up for grabs in the
seasonal Turkish draw and a record one million TL in North Cyprus’s own.

Ticket-buyers driven by the tantalising “what if?” are dreaming of what they could buy with 55 million TL ranging from 189 apartments to nearly 69,000 return air fares to the UK.

A Turkish lottery jackpot winner spending 2,000TL a day would take 75 years to get through the prize and that’s without taking into account potential bank interest in double figures that could bring in up to 784 TL extra an hour.

However the biggest prize to be won to date in the Turkish draw has been 24.9 million TL.

Tickets for the special New Year’s Eve “Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Milli Piyango” draw to be made
at midnight as January 1, 2016 went on sale on November 29 at 50TL for a whole ticket, 25TL for half a ticket and 12.50 TL for a quarter ticket.

The draw, with a total prize fund of more than 289.4 million could see at least five peóple go
into the New Year as millionaires, with prizes of five, three, two and one million TL to be awarded, as well as smaller amounts.

The TRNC lottery has a total prize fund of some 2.2 million TL and 100,000 tickets are being sold at 25TL by agents around the country.

The draw on New Year’s Eve will be screened live on BRT television.


189 luxury flats with a price tag of £60,000
63 luxury villas at £180,000 each
92 jeeps at 50,000 euros each
68,750 return Ercan-London air fares


Worker on the minimum wage – 35,834 months
University graduate just starting work – 34,375 months
Journalist – 27,500 months
Director in government – 8,461 months
Member of Parliament – 4,583 months

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