Hottest day of the year in Cyprus

Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer so far with temperatures reaching 43°C inland. This caused a record in electricity consumption which lead to the failure of units of Kalecik and Teknecik power plants, plunging the country into an electricity failure yesterday afternoon.

An announcement outlined ways in which the public can best protect itself from the extreme heat.

According to the announcement, people should avoid unnecessary travel and heavy physical labour under the sun.

They should wear light, cool, comfortable, light-coloured clothing and protect their heads with a hat.

Sun glasses are also recommended as are sticking to small, light meals made up mostly of fruit and vegetables and low in fat.

People should drink plenty of water and fruit or vegetable juice.

Also, sudden changes in temperature should be avoided, for example going out into the heat from a very cool, air-conditioned room.

Fans and air-conditioning are recommended while doctors should be consulted immediately if any worrying health-related symptoms present themselves.

The Civil Defence also asked people to be especially mindful of the welfare of their elderly relatives or other family and friends who may need assistance.

The announcement also cited the emergency numbers 112 and 199.

The Labour Inspection Department announcement reminded employers and the self-employed they are responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure their workers or themselves are protected from the extreme heat and its consequences.


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