Hotel hosts global gaming trade show

An international gaming trade show will be held at Bafra’s Kaya Artemis Resort and Casino, the first in North Cyprus, from May 8 to 9, Cyprus Today has learned. A spokesman for the Kaya Artemis Casino conforms that the event would take place and that it wold be organised by Eventus International. The Hong Kong-based organist of gaming events in Africa said that North Cyprus was “bubbling with casinos” and “presented a fertile gateway to the gaming markets of Turkey, Russia, Israel, Western Europe and the Middle east”.

The steadily growing global gaming market is forecast to be worth a total of $635 billion by 2022 for software and technology companies, regulators, lawyers, operators, media and payment solution providers and investors.

Project director Yudi Soetjiptadi said: “This event will be attended by leaders and innovators in the gaming industry to learn, network and identify the business opportunities the region has to offer – and the services that will best enable their business success. Our mission is to deliver a platform for all gaming-related businesses to equip themselves with the tools that will allow them to thrive for years to come in a fast-changing eastern Mediterranean gaming landscape.”

Presentations will be delivered on anti-money laundering, keeping gaming free from crime and next generation gaming with experts on hand to give advice. A spokesman promised debates with revolutionary” ideas for online, a “customer omni-channel experience”, entertainment marketing to find new tools for promotion and untapped markets and the “potential and integrity-based risk of sports betting and e-sports”.

By Anne Canalp for Cyprus Today

Kaya Artemis Resort and Casino

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