Hotel complex opens its doors

A new 2,000-bed hotel, casino and spa complex at Lara beach near Alagadi on the north coast has partially opened for business.

The Elexus resort will host Turkish pop “mega star” Tarkan at a New Year’s Eve concert, hotel owners said.

The ETS Group project began in 2005 with the leasing of 186 dönüms of land from the Evkaf foundation, which oversees property and sites of religious importance. The first stage of the construction was inaugurated with a ceremony on July 20 for the $140 million-investment which was originally named the Lara Park Hotel by the ETS Group, who also owns Turkish airline company AtlasGlobal.

A spokesman for the hotel said that concert entry was priced at an eye-watering 2,500TL per person, which included a one night stay, or 7,800TL per couple for three nights and that both packages included full board and drinks during the dinner. She added that the casino opened a month ago.


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