Hilton and Sheraton Hotels in North Cyprus

According to Kibris Post newspaper, the TRNC is about to experience a second wave of investment from Turkey. The first wave led to the construction of Kaya Artemis, Cratos and the Gardens of Babylon Hotels and the second wave will be hotels operating under the international brand names of Sheraton, Rixos and probably the most notable development is that:

“Sabanci Holding has decided to invest with more than one hotel in the TRNC as a continuation of the worldwide known Hilton SA Hotels which it owns in Turkey”

It appears that even though governments may not recognise the TRNC, the business world does. All these developments are made with agreements with these trademarks, in other words those who have the licenses to the Hilton, Rixos and Sheraton trademarks have raised no objections.

This seems to be the way to go. All is needed now is for direct flights to be authorised, in the case of UK by the Civil Aviation Authority (for UK operators) or from the Department for Transport (for non-UK operators).¹ Since the 2004 referendum where the south blocked the North’s entry to the EU and the possibility of direct flights, the UK government has dithered on the issue. Mind you, perhaps after the Scotland Independence Referendum next month, there may soon be direct flights from Scotland.




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