eyes kyrenia north cyprus

22 March, 2014

Cataracts affects many people. Cataract is a deterioration of the lens that mainly affects people aged 60 + and ultimately leads […]

Medical care north cyprus

22 March, 2014

After being in Cyprus for a while people start thinking about questions considering medical care. A piece of advice is that […]

Orange in North Cyprus

19 March, 2014

Citrus fruits are deeply rooted in the history of Cyprus and has a unique position in its nature and life. […]

Waterrobics with Madde

17 March, 2014

Each summer, beginning in June, I start the sea gymnastics group. During a fun hour we train the entire body […]

Cellular signaling

13 March, 2014

Signalling between cells The communication between cells and groups of cells in the body has become easier to understand after […]

The dangerous sugar

12 March, 2014

Sugar can interfere with the cooperation between the various minerals and cause copper and chromium deficiency and impair the absorption […]

The magical artichoke

11 March, 2014

The artichoke is considered one of nature’s magical plants, known to have many benefits for our health, especially against liver diseases. Although […]

Electricity in the body

8 March, 2014

Some substances have the characteristic that if they are subjected to pressure, a voltage is generated that can drive a […]

History of the lemon

7 March, 2014

Lemon has dignity, style and can socialize with everyone and everything. It has many dimensions – aesthetic, sensuous, painterly, cultural […]

Stem cells

21 January, 2014

We have previously attempted to highlight various aspects of electricity in the body. Today, we shall discuss a healing method […]

The super shot

8 January, 2014

Use organic herbs 1 part garlic 1 part plain, strong onion 1 part chili or habanero, the strongest. African devil, […]

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