Handicap Accessibility in Northern Cyprus

As I have mentioned previously, we on the North have modern medical facilities, fine laboratories and well-stocked pharmacies.

There is also a wide range of disability aids. Chains like Gökçe Medikal or Deniz Medikal have stores in most major cities like: Lefkosa, Girne and Famagusta. There are several other Medical stores too.

The shop opposite Girne’s public hospital can even order motorised chairs. Otherwise, they have almost everything that may be needed; bandages, plasters, tape and strips of all varieties, TENS machines, electrodes, blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors in a variety of formats, insulin syringes, walkers, walking frames, toilet seats (height-adjustable), crutches and a rehabilitation range of fitness equipment.


I must point out that insulin cannot be sold at the pharmacy (Eczane) but is available at general hospitals.

The patient pays for the facilities needed but the costs are reasonable.

There are some places where you can borrow a hospital bed or wheelchair. Availability is limited, so please contact me if you need assistance.

Physiotherapists are plentiful, both those who come to your home and those who you have to visit yourself.

Gökçe Medikal Girne / Kyrenia

Bellabais Traffic Işıkları – Girne

Tel: +90 392 816 0956


Gökçe Medikal Gazi Magusa / Famagusta

Dr.. Ramiz Gökçe Sok. No: 7 / B

Tel: +90 392 366 5339 – +90 392 366 6245

Fax: +90 392 366 6698


Gökçe Medikal Lefkosa

Burhan Nalbantoglu Devlet Hastanesi Yanı

Ortaköy / Lefkoşa

Tel: +90 392 223 9020

If they do not have what you need please contact me as I find out for you what is offered elsewhere


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