Hair My Life

Hair My Life is a modern hairdressing salon where both men and women can go to get a stylish haircut. The owner of the salon is hairdresser Sinem Burunkaya. Despite her young age, she has 17 years of extensive experience in the profession. Previously, she had her clients come to her home, so when she opened Hair My Life at the beginning of the year, she already had a large group of regular customers.

The same applies to the hairdresser and stylist Olcay who has no less than 43 years of experience in the profession. One of his regular customers, Nina, who was there at the same time as us told us that she had gone with Olcay for five years and that it was natural for her to follow when he started working at Hair My Life.

Hair My Life also offers a variety of beauty treatments like manicures, pedicures, hand care, foot care, massage, eyelash and more.

There is also a package for women who are getting married for 750 TL, which includes hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure etc. for the big day. Also treatment for the groom is included in the price. It is a very good price for the wedding package, most salons in town take 25% more for the same treatments.

A new and fresh hair salon, with very friendly staff in Kyrenia.

Hz. Ömer Cad. Taşgen Karaaziz Plaza No 3 Karakum Girne, please see map below.

Tel: 0533 875 15 09

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