Güzelyurt – the hometown of the orange

Güzelyurt is a small market town situated on the west coast. In the spring, white orange blossoms spread with the wind and with it a sweet smell of citrus. This is the most fertile area of the island, with majestic citrus plantations spreading out on wide fields around the town. A large proportion of the citrus fruits are exported to other countries, while the rest are juiced and sold in local markets.

Güzelyurt is not a typical tourist destination but nevertheless an interesting destination for those who want to see a part of the real Cyprus which is not significantly affected by tourism. Here you can enjoy holidays in peace and quiet in natural surroundings. The light wind along the coast makes this part of Cyprus an attractive destination for those who engage in water sports such as kite and windsurfing. The beaches here have a darker tone, but are perfectly smooth for swimming and other water activities. The West Coast is known for having the most beautiful sunsets in Cyprus, with a sky that offers a pink shimmering spectacle each evening.

Güzelyurt north cyprus

Close to Güzelyurt is Lefke, a small community with a beautiful sea promenade and several popular fish restaurants. Lefke also has a large university with many international students.

Güzelyurt’s residents know how to celebrate. Two weeks every summer they organise a big festival to honour the orange, with markets, performances and fireworks. The orange festival is a major event that attracts visitors from all over the island. The nearby village Yesilirmak has a similar festival for the strawberry in spring.

If you are in Güzelyurt you should also take the opportunity to visit St. Mamas Monastery, and the Museum of Nature and Archeology which showcases archaeological finds from as far back as the Bronze Age. A large number of objects comes from the ancient city of Soli, which, like the ruins of Vouni Palace, is located in Güzelyurt and may still be visited.

See and do:
The Orange Festival
The Strawberry Festival
St. Mamas Monastery
Museum of Nature and Archeology
Vouni Palace
Orange Picking

Food and drinks:
Ambeli Village Restaurant
Argonya Garden Cafe
Pizza Vira

Güzelyurt norra cypern

Güzelyurt norra cypern

Güzelyurt norra cypern

Güzelyurt norra cypern

Güzelyurt norra cypern
Orange plantations.

Güzelyurt norra cypern

Güzelyurt norra cypern
St. Mamas Monestary.
Güzelyurt norra cypern
The most beautiful sunset on the west coast.

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